Photo by Bren Barden

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What if I fall?  

Oh, but my darling, 

what if you fly?

Erin Hanson.

One night, I had a dream I was standing on a cliff overlooking deep turquoise waters.  It seemed so appealing and I wanted to jump, yet I was unsure whether or not I could survive once I hit the water.  I stood on the edge paralyzed with fear, until I heard a voice whisper in my ear "If not now, when?"  

I jumped!  

In my waking life, I followed my heart's desire and transitioned from an unfulfilling, stressful career to one I absolutely love...Photography!  Not only does it allow my creativity to soar, It lets me tell visual stories of the amazing people and places that inspire me.  Most of all, photography allows me to share these stories with you! 

In 2014, I honed my photography skills by graduating from the New England School of Photography with double honors in Weddings/Portraits and Architecture.

Now I'm flying!


Photo by Laurence L'Huillier.

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without expression 

is boring!

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My images tend to be an eclectic mix of Editorial, with a twist of Documentary and a dash of Fine Art... a little shaken, not stirred!

I prefer using the beauty of natural light, but I'm also comfortable in a studio setting.  I try to steer clear of those cheesy poses and trendy Photoshop edits as much as possible.  While technique is important, I believe that emotion is key and that is what I look to capture in each image. 

I'm intrigued by images that show life's transient beauty, and all it's so called imperfections, moments of heart tugging laughter and tears, where people's guards are down and they can simply "be".  So whether it's a confession of love, your toddler's grumpy face as they throw a tantrum, a glossy or gritty portrait, a beautifully designed space, or the beauty of chaos...I will snap away with enthusiasm.



Photos by Bren Barden and Laura Knapp.

1.  I have lived in Perth (AUS), Boston (USA) and Oahu (Hawaii).   For the past 16 years, I've lived in Boston, where I developed a taste for strong "cwoffee" and learned how to parallel park in "wicked" tight spaces.

2.  I'm an animal loving, tree hugging vegetarian, who is very passionate about conservation and our environment.  My Boston cat Missy adopted me and surprisingly loves Vegemite too!  I'm an avid gardener and aromatherapist, making my own soaps, skin/haircare and cleaning products.  I compost and recycle.  I'll do what I can to reduce my carbon footprint and the toxic assault of chemicals in life.

3.  I believe in the therapeutic power of laughter and cooking amazing food with easy going friends, good wine and music!  I love carbs (of any kind), Cabernet, Rioja, blue cheese and olives...just fyi, I will happily accept any of these as bribes! 

4.  I love learning about new cultures and have an incurable Wanderlust.  I have traveled to 13 countries so far and have a long list of places yet to explore.  I truly believe we should work to live...not live to work!

5.  I have 2 tattoos (so far); the sanskrit word Padma (Lotus) which represents strength, beauty and growth and an ambigram of the word Balance, as a reminder of my end goal in life.